Erin Rae...

2010 has been a really, really good year for me. It seems like I've been searching for myself with no success all of my life. Well I'm happy to report that I've found her. Down very unexpected paths. But I believe that God has guided my steps all along the way. And if it weren't for a number of very important and hard things in my life, I would never have ended up here.

I also felt like until I found her, I would never find love. Because you have to know yourself first before you can give yourself to someone else. And only then will you truly understand it and have success.

So I put it out in the universe today. Thank You. Thanks to all of you that have come into my life and played a part. May you be so fortunately to find happiness too.


Someone Special

Meet Ryan Warnick:
(Great height for me. Don't have to stretch for kisses,
but room for some cute heels.)
Brown hair & Blue Eyes
(That combination gets me every time.)
Almost 28
(I'm about two months older:)
Pursuing Nursing
(Been supporting himself through school while working full time.)
Currently a Processor for LDS Hospital
(Worked there for three years I believe.)
Soccer Player
(Strong. Athletic.)
(Opens every door. Pays for everything. Always jumps to help.)

He went to high school with one of my good friends. We had a brief flirtation last summer and then reconnected mid-March. Our first official date was April 3rd. We became exclusive May 13th. He told me he loved me on May 24th. That's when we made it official on Facebook. I figured if we were in love, it was time. :)

I knew what I wanted and I suspected that God would give me what I needed. Ryan is an unexpected package, but when I took a closer look, it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. We have so much in common that we have an incredibly good time together. And yes...he loves to bowl too. I'm still working towards converting him to the U. I blame his Y tendencies on his parents. I'm actually working on his whole family. They should know better. :) I'm also learning everything. and I mean everything. you ever wanted to know about soccer. It's actually quite enjoyable. I'm jumping right in.

I'm the happiest that I think I might have ever been. It's such a great feeling. Just thought it was time to share. Any questions? :)


Sorry Stalkers

I realized that my background said Merry Christmas.
I'm sorry that I'm not a better blogger.
My computer called it quits again. Waiting for my tax return to get another.
I'm going to need it for school next fall anyway. Back to it again and full time. Wish me luck.


Total Catch Up

Who knew I could get so far behind? Okay...so that's not that far fetched. If you thought my entries were long before, well brace yourself for the longest summary you've ever seen....at least on this blog.
George Straight with Mom.
Bear Lake
Mushie & Me...makes me smile.
Cousin Gerald & his bff, Billy, having the time of her life.
We swam...
We ate ice cream...
We played games...
I attempted to cook...
We roasted marshmellows.
Our annual family camping weekend was another success.
Julienne & I find a way to entertain ourselves on any old night.
And started rock climbing with her ward.
They paved a brand new road behind our house...so we took my camera and had a good old time in the middle of the street.
Ambo came to Emmy's birthday with me.
I attended my second annual Travis/Ryan Slip n' Slide Birthday Extravaganza.
And had the time of my life.
Thanks to wonderful people like Marissa.
Girl's Dinner
Helped a bit with a house my sister turned.
Bowling with Canadians. :)
Midnight Beetlejuice.
Mocktail Party @ Jen's
Nikki's 27th
Ice Cream after your dental visit.
I got to play with the Stephens a bit...
Meteor Shower up Big Cottonwood Canyon
Of course bowling with some of my favorite marrieds
Amorette's Bridal Shower
(Eastside Style :)
Emmy & I got to join crazy Team Ugly.
Summer Picnics with Cousins
Return to Utah celebration with the Theurers.
What better way than to bowl.
We (okay mostly Jaxson) put on a show for the whole alley and I bowled crazy well.
We celebrated the beginning of a new season.
Roommates hitting up the Ikea.
48 hours in Canada
Required stop...Tim Hortons.
Banyon & I got to know eachother.
It was some unexpected fun.
We said goodbye to beloved Auntie Joan.
Juliennie and I attempting dinner.
Sushi with new friends at Mikado.
Repelling Again! Thank you Brother Bouck.
Utah State Game
Sand Dunes
Girls Indian & Movie
Oldies @ Chili'sCoworker, Mindy's new addition.
Bowling with Dice & Cor.
Julienne's Fashion Show
Elway's shower brought old neighbors back together.
Office 5k
Wyoming Game